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  • Founded in 1961, FKI has championed the principles of free enterprise to
       achieve wholesome development of the national economy.

  • FKI stands at the forefront in the endeavor to build an advanced society in
       the 21st century by prioritizing stronger industrial competitiveness, and fully
       responding to the requirements of globalization.

  • Globalization today requires assuming a higher profile in the international arena
       and pursuing ever more substantial cooperation among nations.

  • Recognizing the social responsibility of corporations, FKI is committed to
       maintaining an improved socio-economic climate at home and eventually to
       bringing prosperity to all mankind.

      What is FKI?
      What is the difference between FKI and other domestic economic organizations?
      Who are the members of FKI?
      What are the requirements for membership?
      How is the organization managed?
      How are the Chairman and the Board of Directors selected?
      Does FKI only represent the position of large businesses?
      Are there any organizations overseas that resemble FKI?