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First Korea-Cuba business conference in Havana
So-Young, LEE / Regional Cooperation Team
   In cooperation with KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency), FKI and the Cuban business community hosted the 1st Korea-Cuba private conference on economic cooperation in Havana, Cuba. The participants sought areas of cooperation in electric power, energy, biomedicine and food. The gathering was the first of its kind in 57 years since the bilateral relations were ruptured in 1959 by the socialist revolution in the meso-American country.

   In his opening address, FKI Chairman Chang Soo Huh in his capacity as head of the delegation said, "Although we have not yet established diplomatic relations, today's meeting bears a great significance in that it would serve as the first private channel for economic cooperation. The bilateral committee, I assure you, will play a leading role in promoting our cooperation in the future."

   Chairman Jang Han Rhee of Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceutical Corp., chairman of the Korean chapter of the committee, predicted that cooperation with Cuba which has world-class medical bio technologies will bring advances in Korea's medical bio industry. In his acceptance speech, Lee asked business leaders of both sides to share information on business opportunities with high future growth potential and work closely to enhance the understanding of each other as cultural and business partners."