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Inaugural address by FKI Chairman Chang Soo Huh
   Let me start by deeply apologizing once again for causing grave concerns to the people which had been created by the influence-peddling and corruption scandal last year.

   In my year-end letter to you, I stated I would resign from the chairmanship of FKI, believing a new leader should assume the helm of the federation and completely overhaul it. Unfortunately, our bid to invite a new head of FKI has been futile and I had no other choice but to serve for another term to normalize its operations. The federation is obviously in trouble. Most of our members are asking me to help its business return to normalcy. I hereby take the chairmanship of FKI solely to help FKI outgrow errors of the past and totally reinvent itself as soon as possible.

   Innovation is the name of the game if we really wanted to be reborn. Through innovation, we would be able to revitalize the economy and win back the people's trust and support from our members. In this vein, we will be pursuing a three-pronged policy:

   First, we will squarely confront any unreasonable pressure from outside and work on a system to prevent any recurrence of the so-called 'government-business collusion.' We will close an accounting for social cooperation which has long been under fire.

   Second, for more transparency, all the activities and accounting of FKI will be disclosed in detail to avoid any misunderstanding or aberration.

   Last but not least, we will be reborn as a think-tank which takes the lead in reviving the economy. By pulling together ideas with the experts and ordinary citizens, we will bring up a variety of policies for national economic development.

   Just as a boat runs the fastest when rowers work in perfect harmony and the boat moves in the right direction, so it is imperative for us now to pursue a shared destination of bringing the economy back on the right track. By striving to leave the current chaos and difficulties behind at the earliest possible date, we will make concerted effort to normalize our business.

   Thank you.